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What Is SLCP?
Social & Labor Convergence Program

The Social & Labor Convergence Program is a new initiative designed to simplify the auditing of labour standards in apparel and footwear facilities by using a Converged Assessment Framework (CAF). The social and labour convergence program is a multi-stakeholder program. Conforming to the Social and Labour Convergence Program involves a three-stage process.

01.Data Collection
02.Data Verification
03.Data Hosting & Sharing

This framework is not a scoring or ranking system, certification program or Code of Conduct, It includes a standard-agnostic tool and verification methodology which collects objective social and labor data that stakeholders can use to identify opportunities for improvement and track progress. SLCP uses a multi-stakeholder and inclusive organization and approach with signatories. Signatories include manufacturers, retailers and brands, agents and audit firms’/service providers, as well as organizations in the public sector, standard holders, civil society organizations and multi-stakeholder organizations with an interest in converging assessments and improving labor and social conditions.

SLCP is not a certification or any audit program once the company complete their assessment against the existing system and performance then request to verifier company to conduct the verification against the online filled assessment by company. In order to reduce audit fatigue, a facility can post and share its SLCP verification results on an online platform and share it with brands and retailers., it will be recognised by all signatory members, allowing factories to focus their efforts on the implementation of improvement actions.

SLCP social & labor convergence program is intended to create an resourceful, accessible and sustainable solution for social audits. SLCP is comprised on following segments:

• Recruitment & Hiring
• Working Hours
• Wages and Benefit
• Employee Treatment
• Employee Involvement
• Health & Safety
• Termination
• Management System.

SLCP will help the industry to eliminate audit fatigue by replacing current brand-named assessment tools, increase the opportunity for greater comparability of social & labor data and redeploy resources towards greater impact programs. SLCP enables performers working to improve social and labor conditions, and provides a foundation for other crucial elements like transparency, better buying practices and improvement programs. SLCP will drive collective action and stakeholder inclusion.

SLCP is the voluntary assessment program and is suitable for any organization i.e. large, medium and small considering improving its social labor performance and sustainability to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. SLCP verification acceptability is going high day by day and mostly retailers and brands demand SLCP assessment and verification from their suppliers even it is becoming a pre-requisite of retailers & brands to start the business relationship with global supply chain. Once the data is uploaded online then it can be shared with any customer and mostly customer get the idea of compliance against their code of conducts and waive their own audits that helps factory from repetition audit fatigue.

Benefits of SLCP

SLCP Verification Process

After finalization of agreement with client, Quality Systems’ experts visit to client’s premises and conduct the complete gap analysis of existing system against the SLCP standard and discuss the gap report to the management, Identified gaps could be in documents, implementation, data generation, traceability of records and products, social labor & environmental system, employee’s awareness, statutory & regulatory and local laws compliances. We commence work according to the agreed timelines as per final gap report and proceed for the online assessment and verification once all the documentation, implementation, and other requirements are done. Our technical team provides complete assistance, support and cooperation throughout the process or verification process to achieve the good score.

Initially factory gets registered for converged assessment framework CAF and after registration SLCP Id will be created and factory will upload their data along with documented records once it is done then data will be submitted . Factory can proceed for the verification to assure the reliability of uploaded data as well as verification can be done, after verification the verified data will be uploaded to a secure gateway and accredited host where authorised SLCP users can further review the data with the facility’s permission.

Cost of SLCP Assessment

Charges of SLCP assessment & verification can not be flat or same for every organization, please contact us in this regard.

Why Quality Systems

Quality Systems is working with the team of qualified and experienced consultants and trainers having vast industrial experience, most of our consultants are also lead auditors who are aware to the expectations of auditors from your management system during the audit. Quality systems is assisting across the world to assess and achieve the required outstanding results. Our consultation methodology is highly professional, time bound and effective and we always add value to the business process of the client’s organization.

Our SLCP assessment & verification complete package comprised on following segments such as training, implementation, consultation, gap analysis, documentation, internal audits, pre-assessment, third party verification through world’s most recognized and any of approved by SLCP verifier body and post assessment & verification enhancement / maintenance services to enable your organization to get the best outcome of SLCP.