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SCAN Audit

What Is SCAN?
Supplier Compliance Audit Network

SCAN stands for Supplier Compliance Audit Network. It is an industry trade association that provide systematic approach for security requirements that helps to reducing the security audits. SCAN is having it’s own repository for their members. SCAN members search the report if audit already exist then SCAN member can share the audit report immediately if the supplier is not found in the system then member can request the new audit. Mostly members are America’s largest retail store, brands and cooperation who import their good from rest of the world.

SCAN audit requirements are also based on C-TPAT fundamentals with some additions as well as issues report with different method. SCAN audit acceptability is rising day by day as the largest brands are becoming its members.

SCAN audit is conducted on request of SCAN members such as US based retail stores and brands request the audit for their suppliers all over the world through the SCAN system. SCAN provides the maximum level of cargo security only through close cooperation with the principal stakeholders of the international supply chain such as importers, carriers, consolidators, licensed customs brokers and manufactures etc.

Before SCAN US based retail stores had their own security standards based on C-TPAT requirements and they get their supply chains evaluated against them but after SCAN they accept SCAN audit report if any supplier is already exist in SCAN database or they request the SCAN audit of new suppliers through SCAN system. SCAN audit report is only acceptable for SCAN members.

Mostly retail stores and business organization who import goods to US from rest of the world are members of SCAN program that’s the reason they expect the complete and perfect compliances from their supply chain such as the companies who manufacture their products and export, cargo agents, consolidators and shipping companies etc. This is the reason they conduct the SCAN audits of their suppliers and service providers. Supplier cannot proceed for the SCAN audit until the SCAN member doesn’t request for their supplier.

By implementing SCAN requirements organization can improve its overall security compliance to assure the confidence & satisfaction as well as meet the expectation of its customers.

Benefits of SCAN Audit

SCAN Programs Requirements are

• PHYSICAL SECURITY (personal controls on lock and key) Padlocks for Gates and control, Access control, Identification process checking, Restricted access (Packing), Controlled access, Warehousing controls, Visitor controls during entry and exit (including identification), Fencing, Building structure with steel reinforcement, Guard room, Power backup, Intrusion alarm, Window locking

• CONTAINER & TRAILER SECURITY (7 POINT INSPECTION 1. Container length, 2. Gaps, Lock control)

• CONVEYANCE SECURITY (LOGISTICS) – Departure time, Designated routes, GPS Tracking, Alternate route approvals, Technology used, Validation of these technology., Full or Half container (Sealing process LCL, Full container loading)

• PERSONAL SECURITY – Background checks, Criminal checks, Violation process, Visitor Parking, Employees parking,

• SECURITY TRAINING AND AWARENESS – Planner, Competence, Training records, Efficiency, Preparedness to prevent, communicate and respond to Bomb threats, Intrusion, Contraband, Human trafficking.

SCAN Audit Process

After finalization of agreement with client, Quality Systems’ experts visit to client’s premises and conduct the complete gap analysis of existing system against the SCAN audit requirements and discuss the gap report to the management, identified gaps could be in documents, implementation, personal security, physical security & regulatory and local laws compliances. We commence work according to the agreed timelines as per final gap report and proceed for the audit once all the documentation, implementation, and other requirements are done. Our technical team provides complete assistance, support and cooperation throughout the process to make SCAN audit successful in first attempt.

SCAN is not a certification program and there is no on-site report of SCAN audit , the SCAN audit report will be available on completion by the auditing agency and notified to the SCAN member who requests the audit for their supplier. SCAN member shares the capa with supplier to close them if there are major issues reported in report then factory will go for re audit. SCAN audit valid for one year and after one year completion again yearly audit will be conducted to assure and evaluate the security compliance.

Cost of SCAN Audit

Charges of SCAN audit can not be flat or same for every organization, please contact us in this regard.

Why Quality Systems

Quality Systems is working with the team of qualified and experienced consultants and trainers having vast industrial experience, most of our consultants are also lead auditors who are aware to the expectations of auditors from your management system during the audit. Quality systems is assisting across the world to implement and achieve the SCAN outstanding ratings. Our consultation methodology is highly professional, time bound and effective and we always add value to the business process of the client’s organization.

Our SCAN audit complete package comprised on following segments such as training, implementation, consultation, gap analysis, documentation, internal audits, pre assessment, third party audit through world’s most recognized accredited auditing agencies and post audit enhancement / maintenance services to enable your organization to get the best outcome of SCAN. Our services are globally accepted, authoritative and benchmarked in the field of SCAN audit.