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Food Safety

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Food Safety Assessment

Food safety assessment is a systematic safety approach for the organizations and business setups relating food industry at all level and size to build business trust and reflection of your safety commitment. It is a challenge to develop an effective food safety culture at food industries and business setups e.g hotel & restaurants and all other places where food processing works are being done from raw to final products.

There are many incidents evident that food industries, restaurants and food processing units are not implementing good food hygiene and system in the processes due to this, they bear heavy losses in term of legal violation, disrespect, stoppage of work, suspension, degradation of products, asset loss, Goodwill loss, environmental destructive activities and bad reputation in the business world. Poor Food safety arrangement with lack of knowledge are the main causes. Food Safety assessment equips all level of Food businesses including but not limited to industrial setup, marts, restaurants, mess/canteen at institutions malls, clubs. It strengthens the system and showcase your positive work environment with high goodwill and satisfaction to customer & consumers.

We strengthen you by providing a detailed assessment report including but not limited to Basic operational risk and gaps, safety requirements, staff awareness gaps, Training needs, personal protective equipment’s right usage and needs, recommendations for the improvements. The process is carried out through a risk based approach and helps you to establish a proactive culture of prevention and improvement.

Benefits of Food Safety Assessment

Why Food Safety Assessment with us?

We are the market leader to perform the assessments against different management system standard, local laws & regulatory requirements. Here we offer you to identify potential safety hazards and establish a proactive culture of prevention and improvement of Food Safety management system by getting your place assessed on national & international Food Safety protocols. It gives you a platform to reduce your cost of heavy loses, increase market reputation, business trust at all levels, safe workplace with trained human resource.