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BRC Food Safety

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BRC Certification

What Is BRC?
Global Standard for Food Safety

BRC is the British Retail Consortium and Global Standard for Food Safety. It is an internationally recognized standard developed by top experts of food industries to ensure that it is detailed and easy to understand. The intention to develop this standard is, harmonizing food safety standard across the supply chain. This standard is sharply focused on production, storage, distribution and trade of safe & legal production. Global standard is based on quality, safety and operational criteria to ensure that manufacturer/processor fulfil their legal obligation and provide protection to the end consumer as well as their own brand.

It is a voluntary standard therefore it automatically fulfils the expectations of the customers and stakeholders regarding food safety management system. Retailers who are the member of BRC consortium demands to their food supply chain to be certified on BRC food standard and it is also perceived that many food processors & retailers of UK & US demands BRC food certification from their suppliers.

The British Retail consortium is a trade association founded by the UK retailers. Global standard for food safety was first published in 1998 and now it is the 8th edition. This standard is the most detailed guideline for the implementation of food safety requirements. It is also benchmarked by (GFSI) Global Food Safety Initiative that means if any organization is certified on BRC standard it automatically fulfils the requirements of all major players of food safety.

BRC does not conduct audit itself. Some certification bodies are authorized by BRC to conduct the audit. Most of the countries have formed their own accreditation bodies to authorize the certification bodies. Accreditation and certification bodies charge their fee against their services. Accredited certificate issued by any accredited certification body is accepted worldwide. BRC certificate also carries the identical logo of BRC food. BRC Certificate is also uploaded with all details of the organization on BRCGS online directory.

Benefits of BRC Certification

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 Certification Process

After finalization of agreement with the client, experts of Quality Systems visit at client’s premises and conduct the complete gap analysis of existing system against the BRC food standard and discuss the gap report to the management. Identified gaps could be in documents, implementation, employee’s awareness, statutory and regulatory compliances. We commence work according to the agreed timelines as per final gap report and proceed for the audit once all the documentation, implementation, and other requirements are done. Our technical team provides complete assistance, support and cooperation throughout the process to make certification audit successful in first attempt.

BRC certificate is not awarded once-and-for-all but must be renewed before expiration of the certificate.
An optional pre-assessment visit may be arranged to identify the areas of improvement and after fulfilling the gaps identified in pre-assessment organization proceed for the final audit and certification body will share the complete corrective action report to close out the caps. Once caps are closed then report will be submitted to the BRC after report submission they give the decision to the certification body to issue the certificate. BRC Certificate is issued with grades i.e A,B & C.

Cost of BRC Certification

Charges of BRC certification can not be flat or same for every organization, please contact us in this regard.

Why Quality Systems

Quality Systems is working with the team of qualified and experienced consultants and trainers having vast industrial experience, most of our consultants are also lead auditors who are aware of the expectations of auditors from your management system during the audit. Quality systems is assisting across the world to implement and achieve the BRC certification. Our consultation methodology is highly professional, time bound and effective. We always add value to the business process of the client’s organization.

Our BRC complete package is comprised on following segments such as training, implementation, consultation, gap analysis, documentation, internal audits, pre assessment, certification audit through world’s most recognized accredited certification body and post certification enhancement / maintenance services to enable your organization to get the best outcome of BRC. Our services are globally accepted, authoritative and benchmarked in the field of BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.