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Building & Electrical Safety Assessment

Building & Electrical safety assessment is a systematic safety approach for the organizations and business setups at all level and size to build business trust and reflection of your safety commitment. A sound building structure with safe electrical installations are the key factors of saving lives and assets.

There are many incidents evident nationally and internationally due to poor building and electrical safety practice, many of the core reasons of fire incidents are poor electrical installation and handling as well as weak & unmaintained building structure cause huge human and asset losses. Many innocent lives are the victim of these less effective practices and unawareness. Building & electrical safety assessment equips all level of businesses including but not limited to organizations, enterprises, malls, superstores, banks, clubs, Apartments, Business centers and restaurants. It strengthens the system and saves from heavy losses of lives and assets.

We strengthen you by providing a detailed assessment report including but not limited to structural and electrical risk and gaps, safety requirements and controls, staff awareness gaps, recommendation for the improvements. The process is carried out through a risk based approach.    

Benefits of Building & Electrical Assessment

Why Building & Electrical safety assessment with us

We are the market leader to perform the assessments against different management system standard, local laws & regulatory requirements. Here we offer you to strengthen your building & electrical safety system by getting your place assessed for building & electrical safety protocols and reduce your cost of heavy loses, increase market reputation, business trust at all levels, safe workplace with trained human resource. It is important to provide a safe workplace conditions because it saves lives and safe work practice is your legal duty.