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What Is Oeko-Tex?

Oekotex is a registered trade mark and it represents the international association for Research and testing in the field of Textile and Leather Ecology It is called Oeko-Tex itself in short. It was introduced in the year 1992 with the aim to ensure the consumers that Oeko-tex labelled product undergoes a laboratory testing for the harmful substances and are according to the limit values established by the Oeko-Tex Association. It satisfies the consumers that products under oekotex labelled are safe and free from harmful substances. Products can only be certified if those products meet the required testing and quality assurance criteria of Oeko-Tex. There are four product classes depending on the intended use of product.

• Class I which covers all products for babies and infants up to 3 years of age.
• Class II which covers all other direct skin contact textiles such as shirts, trousers, underwear and bed linen.
• Class III which includes outerwear such as jackets and coats.
• Class IV Furnishing materials for decorative purposes curtains, table linen, carpets, etc.

The objective of the standard is to define globally recognized requirements that ensure quality assurance system for manufacturers and retailers, taking into account the decreased limits are followed as per requirement for harmful substances in the facilities of the textile and clothing industry, in addition to the outer fabric, this might include threads, linings, prints as well as non-textile accessories such as buttons, zip fasteners, rivets or any other accessory parts. Consumer interest are increasing in the purchase of certified products and clothing brands are taking proactive approach to satisfy consumer need and improve their system of quality assurance to meet the requirement with decreased rate of harmful substances in the production processes.

Oeko-Tex is the voluntary certification program and is suitable for any organization i.e. large, medium and small considering improvement in its practices and sustainability to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. Oekotex certification acceptability is going high day by day and mostly European customer demands OekoTex certification from their suppliers even it is becoming a pre-requisite of retailers to start the business relationship with global supply chain. Oekotex awareness is also rising among end users of textile products even they are ready to pay some premium price against the purchase of certified products.

Benefits of Oeko-Tex Certification

Oeko-Tex Certification Process

After finalization of agreement with client, Quality Systems’ experts visit to client’s premises and conduct the complete gap analysis of existing system against the Oekotex standard and discuss the gap report to the management, Identified gaps could be in documents, implementation, supply chain verification, traceability of records and products, employee’s awareness, statutory & regulatory and local laws compliances. We commence work according to the agreed timelines as per final gap report and proceed for the audit and sample preparation, once all the documentation, implementation, and other requirements are done, our technical team provides complete assistance, support and cooperation throughout the process. Oeko Tex certificate is issued once the provided samples meet the testing requirements and verification of supply chain.

OekoTex certificate is not awarded once-and-for-all, it must be renewed before expiration of the certificate. Testing lab issues the certificate with validity of 01 year.

Cost of Oeko-Tex Certification

Charges of Oekotex certification can not be flat or same for every organization, please contact us in this regard.

Why Quality Systems

Quality Systems is working with the team of qualified and experienced consultants and trainers having vast industrial experience, most of our consultants are also lead auditors who are aware to the expectations of auditors from your management system during the audit. Quality systems is assisting across the world to implement and achieve the Okotex outstanding results. Our consultation methodology is highly professional, time bound and effective and we always add value to the business process of the client’s organization.

Our Oekotex Certification complete package comprised on following segments such as training, implementation, consultation, gap analysis, documentation, traceability, and testing through Oeko Tex approved testing lab and post audit enhancement / maintenance services to enable your organization to get the best outcome of Oekotex. Our services are globally accepted, authoritative and benchmarked in the field of Oekotex audit.