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Social Compliance

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What is Social Compliance Audit?
Why it is important?

Social compliance audit is also called ethical audit. It is required or mandatory by the international customers. Social compliance audits are the set of rules and regulation developed to help you in building a sound system of business practices including but not limited to Business operations, HR/labor practices, Health and safety, environment, Fire safety and business ethics. It gives you set of rules to improve your existing practices to an improved one. It also covers the corporate social responsibility element which include development of society and neighborhood best practices.

There is numerous Social compliance audit which includes International certifications, BSCI, SEDEX, WRAP, WCA and many other. Same as there are customers Code of Conduct audits for social management system. We also perform the assessment against any specific code of conduct.

If you are an exporter or going to enter into international market to grab better customers, you will have to be the part of Social Compliance Audit system. It assures that you have sound structure of social compliance management practices including but not limited to Business operations, HR/labor practices, Health and safety, environment and business ethics.

Growing rate of poor labor practices, Use of child labor, uncertain HSE conditions and poor social/ethical practices are highly discouraged globally. Social compliance audit system ensures to maintain trust of international customers in term of fair labor practices, No Child labor, Healthy HSE conditions and good social and ethical practices. This audit process contributes for your system growth and opens the door of new  opportunities in global market.

Core Benefits

Why Social Compliance assessment with us?

We are the market leaders in the field of social management systems & compliances. Here we offer our vast experience of social compliance audits and system development as per social compliance audit protocols. We have conducted the assessment at suppliers site for many brands and retail stores. If you are willing to evaluate your existing system or going to attempt any of the social certification and customer COC audit, connect with us for your future endeavour and achievement. We are your partner in auditing and assessments. Our resource persons are qualified lead auditors on prestigious social standards.